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OSN Sports

We currently have a signal issue with OSN 1+2 normal service should be resumed shortly.


01-05-2014  Issue resolved


3 new Movie channels + Movies on demand

We have launched 3 new movie channels for all users. The channels will show the best action, drama, comedy and romantic movies from Hollywood. We have also started our Movies On Demand service which allows you to choose a movie and watch at anytime. You can even stop playing a movie and come back to that point on another occasion. We will be adding many titles to service in the coming months. To access the Movies On Demand service press the “HOME” button then select “Movies” then select “Movies” . Move the selector to any movie and press “OK”



New HD sports channels coming soon

Soon we will introduce a brand new Sports package for our dedicated Sports fans offering even more Sports coverage choice than ever before and all in HD. More info soon….white-football-sport-hd-wallpaper

Server error

There is currently a temporary server error showing on boxes just switched on. We have notified the data centre and expect the situation to be resolved shortly. Users watching tv now please do not switch off your box or reboot until the onscreen message has been removed.  Only boxes being switched on or waiting for activation are affected.

tempfault UPDATE 12/04/2014 13:00 Most boxes are now using the new servers and are operating as normal. The remaining units should be back on very shortly.

UPDATE 17:25 Another 200 boxes have come on since the last update. This will continue until all are updated and working properly.

UPDATE 12/04/2014 12:20PM  If you have not had your service restored please do the following. Reboot your router (unplug it from the mains power for 5 seconds) then turn on your IPTV box. If it fails to connect drop us a line with your serial number in the subject. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE 14/04/2014 1:55PM All boxes should now have the update and work perfectly. If not please contact us with your serial id and switch on your box. The box must be powered up to receive the update.


beIN Sports unavailable

beIN Sports will be unavailable until further notice. All weekend games are available through other channels please see the schedule list for further information. beinsportss05/04/2014 UPDATE : beIN Sport 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 + 1HD,2HD,3HD,4HD,5HD were restored on the 5th. We will restore 6HD,7HD,8D,9,HD,10HD,11HD,12HD in the near future thanks for your patience. All games are available via other channels please see the schedules for further info.